3D Printing

When designing that next new product idea, it is very valuable to 3D print the parts to ensure your design has the right size, weight, and strength. It is also very valuable to make sure electronic boards and LCDs mount as expected, plastite screws hold for drop testing, or that rubber overmold fits snug. Basically, you need a low cost alternative to building a prototype besides investing in tooling before the concept can be proven out in the lab or field tested adequately.

equivaQ Software has vast experience designing prototype components that will be 3D printed so your machined parts, injection molded parts, work holding fixtures, lab test components, etc. can be 3D printed for low cost and rapid turnaround. Using additive technology is a great option to “investigate” how a part will fit within your design and provide your team with the look and feel of an injection molded part. Mount an LCD in the design, add LED lights, PCBs, tactile buttons, power ports, UBS ports, or rubber overmolds to the design for that technology demonstrator look and feel.

Design Service
Partner with equivaQ as part of your design team and let us design that next cool new product idea and we will turnkey the 3D printing for you. We will design the required components using SOLIDWORKS, you review the parts in our cloud PDM vault, and we handle the details of printing your parts and having them drop shipped to you! It really is that easy! Why not give us a try today?
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3D Printing Service
We have local and remote 3D printing resources available to 3D print your project parts.

**NOTE: equivaQ does not offer 3D printing service for production quantities.

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