Conventional & CNC Machining

equivaq-solidworks-pdm-end-to-end-solutions-Conventional-and-CNC-MachiningequivaQ Software has been designing for machining since the early 90’s when CNC wasn’t as widespread throughout the industry as it is today. Our design philosophy is reducing setups, setup times, and touch time so while conventional machining with manually controlled speeds and feeds is attractive for prototyping one or two parts, CNC offers the consistency and repeat-ability required for producing hundreds of parts at lower cost and receiving inspections are enhanced when working directly with a CAD model.

We have worked with numerous machine shops over the last 25 years and our portfolio continues to grow. We have worked with novel materials such as Nylon 6/6, Ultem, ABS-PC, POM, and Polypropylene and we have also worked with Stainless Steel, Aluminum (cast and wrought), Carbon steel, Magnesium (requires special processing), and many others.

We also work directly with your plating or chemical conversion processors to bring you a turnkey full solution.

equivaQ has the industry experience with AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS to design to your specifications and we have the machine shop contacts to get the job done. Let us turnkey your next design and you will Believe in The Q!