Electronics Design Collaboration

equivaQ’s designers have worked extensively with electronics engineers to make designs with embedded computer systems, LCDs, board mounted tactile buttons, printed circuit boards (PCBs), various wavelength LEDs for optical emission, optical band-pass and long pass filters for PCB mounted photodiodes for detection of various wavelengths, servo motors controls, solenoid and linear actuation, IR emitter/detector coupling for material handling, flex boards for wrapping PCB designs around mechanical components, etc.

Our engineers also have experience working with Altium PCB designers and understand the collaboration details required for mechanical to to work with a PCB and understand design constraints on schedule lead times to get the job done.

We have designed PCB interfaces with USB, HDMI, 3.5mm audio, power connectors, D-Link and micro-D connectors, etc. Our experience also includes designing port covers for rubberized injection molded covers with slide through staking to secure them in place.

Simply put, we don’t do the layout but we make sure your electronics components will fit as designed into the mechanical assembly. We are comfortable working with your electrical engineers to develop the electro-mechanical product solutions you need. Partner with us on your next PCB design and you will Believe in The Q!