Injection Molding

equivaQ’s designers have years of experience designing injection molded parts for product development and the techniques to get the job done under budget. We can work with your injection molding supplier if you already have the tooling and we can also design with rapid injection molding and soft tooling for low quantity production runs.

Our experience has helped many companies get that new product idea off the ground with low cost, quick turnaround injection molded parts.

We work with common materials such as ABS, ABS-PC, HDPE, LDPE, LSR silicone, PA, PEEK, PMMA for LCD windows, POM (Acetal/Delrin), etc.

We can design liquid silicone rubber molds for gaskets and sealing, overmolding and insert molding for that OEM look and feel for sealed parts,  snap hooks so parts can snap together, battery trays with staked battery leads, electronics mounting by bosses, knife edge seals on clear LCD windows for that IP66-67 rated water tight seal on the LCD, and we have even worked with EMI/RF shielding suppliers to RF harden plastic parts from EMI/RF intrusion.

Our designers can also design in threaded fasteners, sonic welded joints, plastite screws, and those special port covers to protect your electronic connectors.

Trust the Q for your injection molding needs!