Outsourced PDM Administration

Introducing PDM Administration Outsourcing for a low monthly subscription fee. Long story-short: Outsource your PDM administration to equivaQ and you no longer need to keep a dedicated/costly PDM admin on staff! Yeah, we said it.

Designed for the PDM customer who may not be positioned to dedicate full-time or even part-time resource to maintaining PDM. Trust your PDM admin needs with The Q! and save the overhead.


  • A PDM expert onsite one day per week!
  • Delegating user support requests, PDM & SQL upgrades, workflow debugging, datacard updates, etc. to a Certified PDM expert!
  • Automating the attachment of affected drawings to your ECO forms in PDM
  • Data card roadmaps and work instructions so your engineers always know which state the files go to next
  • Launching an app that shows the status of ALL assembly parts in one window graphically AND transitioning files from that window!
  • Automating the drawing releases at 2pm everyday
  • And so much more…

Is this your company?

  • Search for an industry recognized PDM expert and hire them
  • Tasking them with shared duties like designer 80% and PDM admin 20%
  • Spend budget to train and certify them
  • Roll the dice on that 20% indirect position paying off for your PDM needs

Outsourced PDM – Because it just makes good business sense to borrow our expertise instead of trying to organically grow your own.


equivaQ brings the PDM Experts to you. PDM Experts from the industry events, forums, and big name companies.

We are PDM experts who have been managing and troubleshooting PDM for the last decade. Our learning curve is small which means we don’t need to spend as much time on PDM maintenance and support as most admins do. We handle your PDM configuration and support via web meeting, phone, email, and onsite 1-2 days per week if your offices are within a 100 mile radius of The Q offices.

We provide you the logs, solutions provided, and a full report of the service calls each month for your records.

Outsourcing your PDM needs just makes good business sense.

No long-term contracts, just select the service level that fits your business needs and cancel at any time.


  • $999 per month – 1 day per month
  • $1,499 per month – 2 days per month
  • $1,999 per month – 3 days per month
  • $2,499 per month – 1 day per week
  • $4,999 per month – 2 days per week*

NOTE: Travel included for customers within 100-mile radius of The Q! offices

*Includes dedicated PDM expert on-call, PDM service technician onsite as required, and unlimited phone support in the USA. Support may be throttled during surge times of 10am-2pm CT. Terms and conditions apply for support outside continental US. Contact us for details.

Relying on a Certified PDM Administrator and SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner costs you less time and money in the long run.

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Doesn't my SOLIDWORKS Reseller do this for me?

Doesn’t my annual maintenance cover this already? No, unfortunately. SOLIDWORKS Resellers sell you the software, implement that software, and support the basic functions of that software. You pay for the service packs, major updates, and support of the software itself. Supporting your full integration as your outsourced PDM Admin team is NOT included in what SOLIDWORKS Resellers deliver as part of your annual maintenance. We are your PDM Admin replacement.

When is payment due?

Payment required to sign up for this amazing offer.

What’s the commitment?

Monthly subscription fee

How do I get in touch with the PDM experts?

Time can be used by call-in or web meeting (and email)

If my engineering budget can’t pay for this, can I pay for it personally?

Yes! By all means! One of our customers is an engineering director who is doing that right now because he said he takes his PDM responsibilities seriously.

Can the time be split up into increments?

Yes! Time can be broken up into quarter hour increments at a time

If we discover our PDM needs more than our subscription allows, can we upgrade to the next service level?

Yes! And if your PDM needs a longer term project, we can provide a separate estimate.

If I don’t use the time, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Who buys a professional consultant’s time and then doesn’t use it?


Terms & conditions:

  1. Month to month billing
  2. Support can be used by phone, email, onsite, or web meeting support.
  3. This agreement will automatically renew at the end of each term for a further term of 1 month unless either party gives the other written notice of termination at least 10 days prior to the end of the relevant term.
  4. 10% of billable hours can be rolled over into the next billing cycle for only one (1) month. Afterwards, if customer does not use the complete support by the end of the term, customer forfeits time as support time does not accrue and does not roll over at the end of each term thereafter..

Month to month subscription required to purchase this promotion. At time of sign up, your credit card will be charged the reoccurring subscription fee when signing up for the monthly consulting. You will receive the number of hours you subscribe for with PDM Administration. The availability and schedule are to be determined at the discretion of equivaQ Software with consideration for your business requirements.

If you elect to cancel your subscription, you must notify equivaQ at least 5 business days before the end of the billing cycle to allow our staff and systems adequate time for processing of the cancellation. Cancellations must be provided in writing by email sent to info@equivaq.com. Cancellations will not be accepted via telephone, voice mail, or other voice conversation.