equivaQ Software is proud to announce a dynamic new partnership with OpenBoM!

OpenBoM is a cloud-based replacement for your Bill of Materials (BOM) spreadsheets and is designed to integrate into your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault.

  • Question: How do you transfer your engineering BOM to supply chain?
  • Common Answer: We didn’t have the budget for a capital expenditure to build a custom BOM integration for our ERP system so we use a spreadsheet to send the BOM from engineering to supply chain

Use the right tool for the job and save time and money.

SOLIDWORKS PDM is great for BOM creation – OpenBoM is designed so you don’t have to trust your BOM to a spreadsheet any longer. Your design started off so well by investing in the resources and tools to develop and release your product BOM in PDM – Do you really want to rely on a spreadsheet to finish the job? That’s so 90’s…

OpenBoM is the future of the SOLIDWORKS PDM BOM


Everyone on the same BOM

Imagine your value stream collaborating seamlessly within the same BOM, the right BOM, every day!

openBoM tracks a full History of changes

Everything you and other users do in a BOM is trackable and searchable.

Create BOM revisions

Revisions are an immutable snapshot of a BOM at any moment in time.  You can create new revisions and review previous revisions to eyeball changes or differences.

Create and download change reports between BOM revisions

openBoM provides you the ability to download an Excel report of changes between any two previously created revision.  It’s a simple list of differences between the selected revisions:

Search and Navigate BOMs

Use the OpenBoM Search Dashboard for part usage and disposition within all BOMs

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