Outsourced PDM Administration

PDM Consulting base service: 10 hrs/month*
Consulting services provided (not all inclusive)**

  • Process configuration* **
  • Datacard metadata optimization
  • Metadata upgrades, watermarks, automated drawing BOM updates, linked property review
  • Workflow optimization and refinement
  • User and Group analysis per industry best practices
  • Automated PDF Task creation
  • Automation implementation (add-in subscriptions sold separately)
  • SQL Performance monitoring
  • Dedicated support email inbox
  • Training via Web meeting (recordings provided for future reference)
  • One upgrade per year (valued at $2,400) provided FREE of charge to customer***

*Consulting Services delivered based on priorities and schedule mutually agreed to by customer and EQUIVAQ
**ALL Consulting services shown will not be delivered within any one month window due to time constraints and magnitude of work
***Customer must have completed the following requirements of monthly support at one of the following service levels to qualify:

***Annual upgrade:

  1. Upgrading the SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive and Database servers and SOLIDNETWORK License Manager to latest version
  2. Upgrading at least one client but not to exceed 20 clients. Additional client upgrades to be billed at $150 per hour
  3. Client upgrades will be performed by the administrative image options editor where possible
  4. Upgrades do not include moving server components from one server to another, upgrading SQL Server, upgrading Windows Server

***Annual upgrade: Customer will be provided server requirements to ensure compliance before upgrading

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