Let us handle the distraction of managing the engineering resources so you
can focus your energies on delivering your product to market.

SolidWorks Partner Products

SOLIDWORKS® PDM provides a collaborative environment for all participants from engineering through manufacturing. The benefits are clear, a secure environment to store your engineering data while making it easy to find the data you need, maintain versioning and support workflow. When these capabilities are extended to your entire enterprise, managing business processes becomes a breeze and using the API can automate business processes beyond imagination. It’s a big job to learn the robust and extensive API library.

Engineers want to do what they were trained to do: innovate, design, create but learning the SOLIDWORKS PDM API and implementing it correctly in a programming language can be a big job even for a full-time programmer. So does your engineering department really have the budget for engineers to learn to program the API and take on a new role?

equivaQ SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in Apps bring you the peace of mind, tried and true API programming, affordable annual maintenance pricing, and the support you need when you need it. Get your engineers back to engineering!