SolidWorks PDM Training

equivaQ is a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner known by resellers, in the SOLIDWORKS Forums, in the PDM marketplace, and around the world for always thinking outside the box and developing End-To-End PDM solutions. We are now bringing out experience to you.

Our industry experience led us to form our PDM Training curriculum that transforms the 20th century paper based engineer into a 21st century data-driven power user for efficient file management, revision automation, powerful metadata usage, effective version control, and much more.

Course Curriculum

equivaQ will do the needs assessment and develop a PDM Training curriculum, materials, and documents required to tailor the PDM Training to match your business goals. Our PDM Training course prepares the PDM administrators, users, and viewers for the following:

  • Understanding the customer’s voice to distinguish between a process requirement and a “really cool” addition to your PDM strategy
  • Developing a searchable knowledge base using metadata and “soft links”
  • Using attached referenced files to develop a document tree with “hard links” and how to automate the attachment process
  • Using tested and tried methods for parallel transitions, approval loops, data card dashboards and data card roadmaps
  • Using folders as projects with due dates, resources allocated to the project, and percent complete for a more visual experience
  • Configure the user experience so they see exactly what their role requires them to “see” without showing them “too much” content thus avoiding confusion
  • Much much more…

How We Differ From The Resellers

“You buy a new suit from the resellers – equivaQ is the tailor who makes it fit you perfectly” – Tim Webb

From the abbreviated curriculum listing above, you quickly see our training brings you an outside the box approach with real world use cases. We take the standardized PDM user training to the next level and actually train you how to blend your PDM system to fit your business needs.

What’s the alternative?

Teach yourself at your own pace and put in the long hours, similar to teaching yourself a good golf swing…but does that ever really happen?

There’s also the option of asking for assistance on the forums, waiting for answers, and relying on the generosity of the people on the forums who will share their hard earned experiences in a way that effectively addresses your specific need.

The question is – Do your business stakeholders really want to cobble together its product data management strategy this way? If you take your product data management strategy seriously, then partner with equivaQ and let us develop a PDM Training curriculum so your data management strategy fits your business model exactly. It really is that serious.

Believe in The Q!