End-To-End Solutions™

equivaQ has partnered with OpenBoM and Flatter Files to bring you a fresh new all-inclusive solution designed around SOLIDWORKS PDM integration with your entire value stream from Engineering, to Supply Chain, and Manufacturing.

We have laid the foundation on 3 key principles:

  1. Forward thinking cloud based solutions
  2. End-to-End solutions that carry your product data through your entire value stream
  3. Solutions that won’t break your budget

How the Puzzle Pieces Fit

equivaQ combined PDM consulting, PDM add-ins, OpenBoM, and Flatter Files in a fresh new package for the industry. The end-to-end “solution” you have been waiting for that was designed around SOLIDWORKS PDM integration throughout your Engineering, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing business units.

We developed this solution over a 5 year period while the industry and the tools matured. Now with our tools, expertise, and vision, you will finally be able to see for yourself how all these PDM/PLM puzzle pieces fit together to complete your PDM environment instead of buying pieces of the puzzle and hoping you can pound to fit and paint to match your PDM system.

Our end-to-end solution will decrease your ramp-up time, save you money, and position you for finally completing your PDM environment for data to flow smoothly.

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equivaQ brings you expert SOLIDWORKS & AutoCAD design and drafting services. We bring you product development services including reverse engineering, 3D printing, injection molding expertise, casting experience, CNC and conventional machining, sheet metal design, and material selection. Our designers work with ASME Y14.5-2009 for dimensioning and tolerancing and have worked in industries such as waste water treatment systems, aerospace interiors, security and defense, and medical device design.



equivaq-end-to-end-solutions-solidworks-pdm-consulting-add-in-appsSOLIDWORKS PDM

equivaQ offers outsourced PDM administration for a monthly subscription fee. This isn’t PDM enhancement or improvement alone, this is full scale administration including SQL maintenance, PDM troubleshooting, PDM integration with your value stream, and meshing PDM with your processes. We also offer advisory PDM consulting for an hour per month for a low subscription fee. Let us be your complete PDM administration solutions team.



Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Bill of Materials
The SOLIDWORKS PDM BOM is the beginning for your BOM but the BOM must flow through your value stream for consumption. equivaQ brings you OpenBoM – A cloud based Bill of Materials solution for team BOM management. How does your supply chain ensure everyone is working with the right version of the BOM? Spreadsheet? How do your material planners ensure they all work to the same REV of the BOM? Shared spreadsheet with permissions set appropriately?

Your BOM is the key to your product revenue, do you really want to trust it to a spreadsheet? It’s the 21st century, isn’t it time to get a cloud solution everyone can collaborate with simultaneously?



equivaq-end-tp-end-solutions-flatter-filesContent Distribution
What package does your team use for drawing distribution downstream from engineering? PDM? ERP? PLM? Most companies move their data downstream by zipping it up in an email or drop it in an online storage system then track the drawings with a spreadsheet. equivaQ recommends Flatter Files – A cloud based digital content distribution solution.

SOLIDWORKS PDM is great for content creation but Flatter Files is great for content distribution! Isn’t it time you provided your team with the right tools for the job?