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equivaQ Software is proud to announce a powerful new partnership with Flatter Files!

Flatter Files is a cloud-based solution for distributing your product design data to your entire value stream and is designed to seamlessly integrate with your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault.

Think content distribution downstream of engineering!

  • Question: How do you get drawings to your supply chain? Vendors? Machine shops?
  • Common Answer: Call engineering, they send me a zip file of the drawings, email them to the supplier, then track where I sent them using a spreadsheet.

Use the right tool for the job and you will save time and money.

“PDM is great for content creation – Flatter Files is great for content distribution.” – Chris Vaught (CEO Flatter Files)

Your drawings & documents. Everywhere you go.equivaq-software-flatterfiles-flatter-files-cloud

Flatter Files is a digital flat file cabinet for viewing and archiving your drawings and documents. It stores your content in the cloud such that you can access it on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as easily as you can on any PC. You simply log in and all of your drawings are available.

Search. For all of your drawings & documents.

All of your drawings & documents on Flatter Files are searchable. Simply enter a query and the matching items appear. All properties are uploaded such that you can simply enter description keywords in your query.

Goodbye email attachments. Hello simplified supply chain management.



Never email a drawing or document again. With Flatter Files you share a link with a password. No matter when they access the link, the latest version of each drawing will always be displayed. Saving you significant time, preventing costly revision mistakes, and improving supplier drawing management.

Markup your drawings digitally.

Flatter Files supports creating digital annotations for your drawings and documents on your mobile device. Once created, the annotations can be uploaded to Flatter Files and specific users can be notified automatically. This feature enables a fully digital workflow within your organization.

Always up to date. Simple revision control. PDM Integration.

To keep your content up to date, Flatter Files Uploader is installed on a computer that can access your content. This app uploads your drawings & documents along with associated data to the Flatter Files cloud automatically. The uploader application also optionally integrates with PDM systems. If using a PDM system, the resulting PDM revisions are automatically uploaded to Flatter Files when they are released. Viewers will never have to worry about whether they have the latest version again.

equivaq-software-flatterfiles-flatter-files-cloud-All the drawings needed. In a single view.

With Flatter Files you can group your drawings into an Assembly that matches the actual bill of materials. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping the drawings or automatically during the upload process if you are using 3D CAD software. Each time a drawing is modified the Assembly is updated as well. This results in an assembly hierarchy that always contains the latest version of the drawing.




Unlimited Viewers

Every account includes unlimited viewer access, meaning your content is completely accessible by everyone that needs access. No need to designate specific users as the drawing keeper.

Cloud Based

Your content should be everywhere you go and always up to date. The cloud infrastructure makes this possible. All data is stored securely using bank level security protocols.

Native Mobile Apps

Easily access your content on the go with rich native mobile experiences including the ability to markup drawings. iPhone, iPad, and Android currently supported.

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Got Questions?

Flatter Files is a digital flat file cabinet for your drawings and documents that provides a secure and simple way for providing access to your content.
A cloud based storage system that is accessible anywhere with an internet connection where anyone in your organization that is authorized can easily retrieve and view the latest version of your drawings or documents.
Drawings are accessed on your computer by going to flatterfiles.com and clicking Login. No additional software or plugins are needed. Flatter Files also includes native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. These applications can be downloaded at no additional charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Yes. Flatter Files can be set up to work with most PDM systems such that all of your versions and revisions are still managed by the PDM system. Once the item is released, Flatter Files then makes it accessible to everyone such that non-technical colleagues no longer need access to your vault. Additionally, Flatter Files can be used without a PDM system. For this case, a simple review process within Flatter Files can be used.
No. Flatter Files is a publishing platform for all of your content such that everyone in your organization can access the most up to date content as easily as possible.
The only requirement is a PDF file. The Flatter Files Uploader automatically creates and uploads the PDF files for each of your drawings and/or documents. Optionally, the native files as well as STEP, IGES, STL, DXF, and DWG files can be uploaded for each PDF drawing. The STEP, IGES, STL, DXF, and DWG files are automatically created just like the PDF files. A single entry is created on Flatter Files for each drawing/document. The native, STEP, IGES, STL, DXF, and DWG files can also be easily accessed when viewing the drawing.
The Uploader connects to your CAD software that is installed on the same computer as the Uploader and uses it to generate the PDF files and the optional generic CAD files. The upload process can be manually initiated or set up to occur on a regular schedule. Only files that have changed will be processed and uploaded. In addition, the Uploader can be configured to ignore files unless they meet defined criteria such that it can easily integrate with PDM systems. For SolidWorks EPDM, direct integration is available.
Yes, assuming you have an appropriate viewer for the format. For example, you can install eDrawings for viewing SolidWorks files on your mobile device. Then using the Flatter Files mobile application, access the item and open the associated native file in eDrawings.
Yes. Currently both SolidWorks and Inventor files are supported. Once the model data is uploaded, Assembly Views are automatically created. The Assembly View contains all of the drawings in the bill of materials to create the part. In addition, the Assembly Views are automatically updated whenever the model hierarchy is modified.
Yes. Flatter Files can be configured to upload any custom properties contained within the model or drawing. The resulting custom properties are searchable so it is easy and quick to find the drawing you need.
Absolutely. A unique password protected link can be created for one or more items and sent to an email address. This link will always contain the latest version of each item such that you never have to remember to send the latest version. In addition, the email contact entered will be notified if a revision for the items is created.
Yes. Easily manage your shared links and remove access as needed or simply set an expiration date. Access stats are also available so you can see when people are logging in to view the item.
Flatter Files is priced based on the number of contributors of content in your company. Typically this is equal to the number of software licenses you have for your CAD software package. Every account includes an unlimited number of viewers that can access and use the content uploaded. In addition, every account includes 500 GB of storage. Additional storage can be purchased if needed.

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